Your aura is an energy field that reflects your well-being. It is important to protect yourself from outside influences.

Visualise that you’re wrapped in a giant beach ball.
Visualise that you’re surrounded by blue light.
Visualise a clear vision. (it helps to rub your 3rd eye chakra with the palm of your hand)
Visualise sitting in a glass jar.

You can clean your aura by,
Ask the angels while taking a shower to flush the negative energy, you’ve collected, down the drain.
Visualise a tornado swirling around your body, pulling out all negative energy from head to toe.
Open your intuition to let all negativity flow out from the inside.

Draw a circle and write all negativity outside your aura.

In the beginning you’ll forget and that’s ok too. Keep improving your awareness. Over time you’ll notice you’re protected all the time as long as you keep listening to your intuition. Remember you have the compass and map in your hand. Soldier on.

Love and light 🙌❤🌈💫

Negativity (clearing)

Someone cuts you in line. What do you think?
Someone pushes you aside while walking. What do you think? Or do?

We encounter negativity, whether it be in our conscious or in our subconscious mind. The source could be you if you are feeling alone, insecure, or scared. If your friend is jealous of you, it can have a big influence on you. If you think negatively, you’ll attract more of the same.

The solution is remarkably easy, although you have to be fearless.

ziplock bag
colored water
pen and paper

Write on the note:
I freeze all negative thoughts known or unknown moving toward me as of now.

Put the note in the ziplock bag.
Fill the ziplock bag with the colored water.
Close the ziplock and put it in the freezer.

Try it for 1 month and experience the difference. Why did I say you have to be fearless….
All your triggers will pop up, so be aware. The art lies in changing your mindset to something positive, one by one.

Love and light 🙌❤🌈💫

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