About me

About me

I received my fair share of life lessons,

  • losing a parent a young age
  • immigration and due to medical reasons I had return to my home country
  • entering the menopause 20 years too early
  • drifting around like a lost soul
  • heartbreak

I went to heal my scars. On my journey I learned so many new things.
The most important ones,

  • the power of letting go
  • love is the driving force behind everything
  • that the happiness is inside me
  • that it is amazing to laugh and have fun with only you
  • the realization that only I can create a world in which I feel good
  • how to help other people, because that is what I like to do most!

During my personal growth, other skills grew along. Together we will see what your next step is. I use tarot to trace ‘blind spots’ and to activate energies.
I will also be working with my hands to get your energy flowing again.
We will bring out the best in you.
You are and will remain your own teacher and healer!

Love and light 🙌❤🌈💫

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