Moon water recipe

Moon water recipe

60% of the human body is made up of water.
73% is the percentage of water in your brain and heart.

Moon water is an easy way to boost your energy. And the best thing about it:
You can make this recipe any time during the month!

collect your favorite gemstones (small size)
rinse them with cold water
add the gemstones to a bottle
fill the bottle with water
bottle cap back on
leave the bottle overnight under the Moonlight
the next day you can drink the water

My favorite mix: 7 chakra stones, selenite, and moldavite

Love and light 🙌❤🌈💫

Numerology facts to keep going:
60 = level up in the lovers energy
73 = you are on the right path

Changing your language 2

A lot of people have forgotten that we are made positive. You hear it all around you and perhaps you have even caught yourself doing this when you said, ‘I find it difficult to say how I feel’ or ‘I find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning’ or ‘I do not like my job’.

This subconsciously causes you to be stuck and unable to change your behavior. You are getting more of what you by no means want. So what you can do is, identify the negative and affirm to yourself the positive,
I am learning to say how I feel or I find it easy to say how I feel.
I like my job.
I have the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things.
I enjoy sharing a meal with my colleagues.
I am learning to discover which things make me happy. I enjoy getting up in the morning.

The same goes for how you feel. ‘I feel depressed’, or how about ‘I feel insecure’. Your energy body gets to a low level as you are pulling yourself down. I understand this can be challenging at times. Yet, I can promise you it works if you affirm the positive to yourself and really feel it in your bones. If you say ‘I feel happy’ in a monotone voice, nothing will change. So say the positive out loud until you feel your entire body reacting to it,
I am happy.
I am loved.
I have confidence.
I am open to receiving.

The Universe will say, ‘Ok, you say you’re confident. Let’s test it.’ They will put the people, situations, thoughts etc. on your path to see if you have really learned. The signs can come through numbers, feathers, coins, music, things people say, recurring names, recurring situations, feelings and so on.

When you have mastered the lesson, the Universe can give you virtues on a silver platter. The more you keep doing your inner work, the more rewards you will reap. Part of the game is that you acknowledge what you are learning by, identifying the lesson and the person that came in to teach you. Train yourself that if you feel down or have a negative thought, you know something is up and you’re going to learn something and get into action.

As you grow into your new being, your inner-knowing will grow. You can affirm this to yourself as you mastered some of the lessons.
I know the Universe has my back.
I know the angels will test my patience.
I know I have to keep moving.
I know each day will be better than the one before.

Take two pieces of paper.
On the first one you write all negative things.
On the second one you rephrase all negatives to a positive.
Burn the first paper.
You can create your own list and repeat the positive for 21 days.
Each cycle is like a building block. Sometimes you start from square-1 and sometimes as they say in Dutch, ‘You are already further up the ladder’.

Saying ‘Thank you Universe!’ speeds up the process of your manifestations.

Love and light 🙌❤🌈💫

Changing your language 1

Have you noticed that if you speak in a certain way it can change your vibration. For example, I like your honesty but sometimes it’s too blunt. If you change your sentence to, I like your honesty and sometimes it’s a bit blunt. The message carries a different vibration and yet the message still comes across.

Instead of using ‘but’ substitute it for ‘and’.

The same goes for the forbidden word. Ever noticed that the word ‘not’ has no place in the Universe. Each time you use the word ‘not’ you’re sending out more of what you by no means want.

An easy trick to circumvent this word is to replace it with ‘by no means’.

You walk into a room and you immediately feel the energy of the room. If it by no means feels comfortable, please close the door. You have the ability to close the door on someone of something.

Does it make your toes curl when someone says, ‘You must do something’. People often say, ‘I need to work’ or ‘I must call my friend’. Me, personally, believe that you want to go to work or you want to call your friend because you want to know how someone is doing and show them you care.
You want the best for yourself too, right.

Practice makes art. Enjoy!

Love and light 🙌❤🌈💫


Your aura is an energy field that reflects your well-being. It is important to protect yourself from outside influences.

Visualise that you’re wrapped in a giant beach ball.
Visualise that you’re surrounded by blue light.
Visualise a clear vision. (it helps to rub your 3rd eye chakra with the palm of your hand)
Visualise sitting in a glass jar.

You can clean your aura by,
Ask the angels while taking a shower to flush the negative energy, you’ve collected, down the drain.
Visualise a tornado swirling around your body, pulling out all negative energy from head to toe.
Open your intuition to let all negativity flow out from the inside.

Draw a circle and write all negativity outside your aura.

In the beginning you’ll forget and that’s ok too. Keep improving your awareness. Over time you’ll notice you’re protected all the time as long as you keep listening to your intuition. Remember you have the compass and map in your hand. Soldier on.

Love and light 🙌❤🌈💫

Negativity (clearing)

Someone cuts you in line. What do you think?
Someone pushes you aside while walking. What do you think? Or do?

We encounter negativity, whether it be in our conscious or in our subconscious mind. The source could be you if you are feeling alone, insecure, or scared. If your friend is jealous of you, it can have a big influence on you. If you think negatively, you’ll attract more of the same.

The solution is remarkably easy, although you have to be fearless.

ziplock bag
colored water
pen and paper

Write on the note:
I freeze all negative thoughts known or unknown moving toward me as of now.

Put the note in the ziplock bag.
Fill the ziplock bag with the colored water.
Close the ziplock and put it in the freezer.

Try it for 1 month and experience the difference. Why did I say you have to be fearless….
All your triggers will pop up, so be aware. The art lies in changing your mindset to something positive, one by one.

Love and light 🙌❤🌈💫

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