Changing your language 1

Changing your language 1

Have you noticed that if you speak in a certain way it can change your vibration. For example, I like your honesty but sometimes it’s too blunt. If you change your sentence to, I like your honesty and sometimes it’s a bit blunt. The message carries a different vibration and yet the message still comes across.

Instead of using ‘but’ substitute it for ‘and’.

The same goes for the forbidden word. Ever noticed that the word ‘not’ has no place in the Universe. Each time you use the word ‘not’ you’re sending out more of what you by no means want.

An easy trick to circumvent this word is to replace it with ‘by no means’.

You walk into a room and you immediately feel the energy of the room. If it by no means feels comfortable, please close the door. You have the ability to close the door on someone of something.

Does it make your toes curl when someone says, ‘You must do something’. People often say, ‘I need to work’ or ‘I must call my friend’. Me, personally, believe that you want to go to work or you want to call your friend because you want to know how someone is doing and show them you care.
You want the best for yourself too, right.

Practice makes art. Enjoy!

Love and light 🙌❤🌈💫

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